We received our Chapterhood status on August 16, 2020!

Members of The Satanic Temple of Oregon do not have to hold any particular philosophical view to be initiated. However, they may not have bigoted, pseudoscientific, or supernatural beliefs that cause harm to people or society while also advocating for their implementation outside of their own home. Racism, sexism, queerphobia including transphobia, satanic ritual abuse, mind control, ableism, distrust in science, and anti-abortionism beliefs are prohibited. There is a grey area for non-harmful beliefs that are non-empirical. However, if they advocate for these beliefs in a Satanic setting, they forgo their freedom to being looked at with any credibility, possibly including candidacy for leadership positions.

Members of TST Oregon must identity as non-theistic, atheistic, or agnostic Satanists. Identifying as a Satanist in private is satisfactory and TST Oregon will always respect an individual’s right to privacy, safety, and health. Allies and theistic Satanists can be guests at socials, book clubs, and certain rituals, but they may not attend official meetings. They may also be barred from specific rituals.

An ally must declare themselves a Novitiate and enter the Novitiate Program. The general learning and vetting period is about 6 months. When you are ready, an interview with you will be scheduled.

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