Brief History of Key TST Events

Brief History of Key TST Events

The following will contain highlights and short-hand language. Everything contained is Google-able if you should not understand the reference.

2012 – Malcolm Jarry and Lucien Greaves meet at a Harvard function.

December 12, 2012 – Jarry completes essay (against Rick Scott) that Joseph Laycock has dubbed “the birth certificate of TST.”

Jan 1, 2013 – TST is formally founded by Malcolm Jarry and Lucien Greaves (FB page creation date).

Jan 25, 2013 – Rick Scott satirical rally held by the first TST members.

2013 – Malcolm Jarry creates the 7 Tenets, with assistance from Lucien.

July 2013 – TST holds a “Pink Mass” over the grave of Catherine Johnson, mother of Fred Phelps.

Late 2013 – Greaves begins first drawings of Baphomet statue, an idea that is conceived in response to the Oklahoma state legislature approving a 10 Commandments monument on Capitol grounds.

Late 2013 – Crowd funding begins for Baphomet statue.

April/May 2014 – Malcolm Jarry composes letter to the local school board and creates the Protect Children Project. The letter tells the relevant school board that it is against the child’s religious beliefs to have their bodily autonomy violated in any way.

May 2014 – TST attempts to hold a Black Mass at Harvard, which is ultimately cancelled.

Summer-Winter 2014 – First chapters are established.

December 2014 – TST Detroit erects holiday display, the Snaketivity at the state capitol.

June 2015 – Missouri abortion lawsuit is filed. “Mary Doe” plaintiff.

July 2015 – Baphomet is unveiled in Detroit, the city of the first chapter with 600 in attendance.

December 2015 – Lisa Ling does a special on TST. It portrays TST members as fighters for religious freedom.

December 19, 2015 – First ever state-sanctioned Satanic ceremony is held in Lansing, MI.

January 2016 – Malcolm and Lucien establish a National Council (NC), and they become Executive Ministry (EM).

Early 2016 – The Grey Faction is established.

February 2016 – TST AZ attempts to give invocation before city council meeting in Phoenix; Phoenix changes policies to replace prayer with “silent meditation.”

February 2016 – TST AZ asks to give an invocation in lieu of a prayer before a Scottsdale city council meeting. Initially, they are put on the schedule for July 2016 before this is canceled due to community outrage.

Summer 2016 – After School Satan Clubs are established.

September 2016 – HQ is established in Salem, MA.

February 2017 – Belle Plaine City Council establishes a free-speech zone in its Veterans Memorial Park after a cross memorial had to be removed for violating the separation of church and state. TST used this as an opportunity to create Satanic memorial to veterans.

May 2017 – The city of Scottsdale cancels on Michelle Shortt of TST AZ, again.

July 20, 2017 – Infamous Tucker Carlson interview with Lucien Greaves about Belle Plaine and religious pluralism.

Early 2018 – TST AZ files lawsuit against Scottsdale for not allowing them to give an invocation before city council meeting on the basis of discrimination.

March 2018 – Huge Grey Faction protest against ISSTD in Chicago.

Summer 2018 – Some chapters exit over Randazza/Twitter decision.

August 2018 – Baphomet statue comes to Arkansas to visit Jason Rapert.

Fall 2018 – TST sues Netflix for stealing copyrighted image of Baphomet and children.
November 2018 – The case against Netflix quietly settles out of court.

February 2019 – The Supreme Court of Missouri rules against Mary Doe’s case.

April 19, 2019 – Hail Satan? Documentary by Penny Lane is released in the USA.

April 24, 2019 – TST announces status as an IRS-approved religion.

April 25, 2019 – TST files lawsuit against the City of Belle Plaine for not honoring 1 year permit to display monument.

May 2019 – Lucien Greaves pens letter stating that TST Satanists are exempt from Indiana’s fetal burial law on grounds of religious belief.

Summer 2019 – The new and revised “Friends of TST” group (FoG) guidelines are put into effect, to aid groups seeking to become legitimate chapters.

Halloween 2019 – TST TV is launched.

November 2019 – TST’s ordination program is announced.

January 2020 – NC becomes International Council (IC), and internally announces that TST has a presence in every state, either through an established chapter or a FoG.

January 7, 2020 – IC announces TST’s Holidays and Observances

Late January 2020 – TST AZ case against Scottsdale goes to trial.

February 2020 – TST does not meet burden of proof for discrimination (in Scottsdale case), but we are acknowledged as a legitimate religion.

February 2020 – TSTO is archived. TST strengthens its focus on helping to foster local communities of TST members.

March 2020 – Reproductive Rights Rally is rescheduled for April 2021, due to global COVID-19 pandemic. IC issues moratorium on all in-person events for chapters and FoGs for the time being.

July 25, 2020 – TST TV hosted TST’s first ever award show on Unveiling Day, bringing thousands of TST members together from around the globe. Chalice Blythe, Lilith Starr, and Sarah Ponto Rivera were the first recipients.

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