TST Oregon Novitiate Program

TST Oregon Novitiate Program

So you want to be an official member…

Reading: In order to ensure the best possible preparation for our incoming members, we have assembled a reading list for Novitiates. While you won’t be tested on these texts per se, it is strongly recommended that you take a look at them. One of our official core values as a chapter (and of Satanism) is the pursuit of knowledge.

  • Revolt of the Angels by Anatole France
  • The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey
  • The Happy Satanist by Lilith Starr
  • The Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake
  • The Litanies of Satan by Charles Baudelaire
  • Our Non-Christian Nation by Jay Wexler
  • Speak of the Devil by Joseph P. Laycock

All of these works have been covered in the book club in the past and will be re-read in the future. Some of them even have notes you can find in the “files” section of the Facebook group. Many are also public access online. If there are obstacles getting one of these books, they can ask leadership to borrow a copy or check with the Library guild.

Timeframe: A minimum 6 months must be spent as an active Novitiate* before interviews will be scheduled. Overall participation and involvement will be evaluated during this time period. This timeframe may be lessened substantially if you were an official member of another chapter previously.

Participation: Novitiates must try and make an effort to attend regular meetings and gatherings.  This should include at least one “large” TST-OR event and several regional events.**  Novitiates must also check in on Facebook or Discord at least every other day to catch up on important announcements and chapter information.

TST-OR 101: Attendance IS MANDATORY. You may choose to attend the class more than once if you wish. These will be scheduled on a quarterly basis. Additionally, one-on-one or small group presentations may be set up in addition to the quarterly offerings based on need. Please contact a Chapterhead to enroll.

Introductions: Novitiates should try their best to introduce themselves to all members, but, at minimum, introduce themselves to all members of leadership from Regional Officers on up. If they are unable to travel, we can facilitate a Zoom meeting.

Interview Prep: Officers and Library Guild are there to help with prepping Novitiates for interviews with leadership. They are not to give the answers or tell Novitiates the exact questions, but rather talk to them about the general topics covered in the interview.  This should take place over time and not be a cram session before an interview is scheduled.  

Additionally, any Novitiate should consider it their own responsibility to contact Officers for mentoring if they should need or want it. Personal accountability and self-awareness are things we look for in prospective members, so if a candidate is unable to 1) recognize their need and 2) do what it takes to satisfy it, then they have failed the first test.
In other words, you will not find hand holding and coercion here. However, if you come to us with your specific needs, we will happily do what we can to help.

Materials Required:

  1. A smart phone and/or a computer for chapter communications are required.
  2. A hooded robe or cloak for rituals (strongly suggested)
  3. Chapter Handbook (this will be provided at the appropriate time)

***During the first few months after the Chapter transitions from a “Friends of” group, leeway may be granted at the discretion of Chapter Heads, resulting in a reduced time as a Novitiate. Leeway will be based on previous involvement in the Friends of TST Oregon group, including but not limited to: participation in book club, meeting attendance, participation in past projects, and engagement with others.

**While COVID-19 is an issue, online events may “count” towards event attendance requirements. In lieu of large, in person social events, it is strongly recommended that Novitiates attend at least 2 “Open Office” hours with a Chapter Head in order to introduce themselves and ask questions.


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